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School started last week for me, and my choir teacher had everyone sing for her in groups of three. When I got up there, she was testing our range (she has this typical thing she has where it goes like "see-ee-OH-oh-see", going up and down a major triad, and then going up a half-step and all that) and even though the two girls that were singing with me stopped around an A, I kept going, and I went up to a high C all by myself in front of the entire class (I would've gone until about an E-flat, but she stopped me). It sounded pretty good, too - nice and clear and loud and all that, and I hit it pretty easily, even though it was first period. Anyways, in order to grasp the shock that my teacher and classmates felt, you have to understand that until a few months ago, I was Second Alto Woman because I have good low notes, and until I started with my voice teacher Rebecca, I actually had trouble with the D on the fourth line of the staff on certain vowels (though on the right vowel, I could hit a G, sometimes). When she heard me hit that high C, she was like "OH my GOD, where did this COME from?!" and a couple sopranos in the class were yelling "DAMN, girl!" And later that day in third-period mixed choir (this all happened in first-period women's choir), she was trying to find out which sopranos could sing a low G because there was a low G in the divisi in one of our songs, and the sopranos were barely trying, and she told them, "You can't limit yourself to singing soprano at this point in your lives, the female voice is still changing at your age. I mean, Ryan M. sang for me this morning, and she can now go as high as any one of you, she absolutely knocked out a high C, and I have her on alto, so your voices CAN change at this age."

Yeah, by the way, none of this inflated my ego at all...*whistles casually* ;)

Anyways, I told her I'd sing alto if she needed me to, but Rebecca would really like it if I could sing first or second soprano, and she said she'd probably put me on second because I have good ears and I can hold a middle part pretty well (though I'm crossing my fingers for first soprano, even though I know she doesn't need any more of those). But that's just for women's choir - I'm still singing alto in the select mixed choir.

So yeah, even though I've had a soprano voice since about April, I'm actually now going to be singing soprano in a choir (even if it IS second soprano). So I'm very happy. :D Singing has been my main passion for a couple years now, and I'm finally starting to feel like I'm actually really good at it...the transition from breathy, straight-tone choir girl voice to a real SINGER voice with vibrato and everything is just so exhilarating.

So yeah, just felt like sharing that with my fellow sopranos. :D
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