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First post

Hey guys, I'm new here, my name's Margie and I'm a second year at UC Davis... let's see... I'm a music composition major. Music is like, my LIFE, and I've been singing since before I could talk and in choir since I was five. I loooooooooove choir. Currently I'm in both the university chorus and the chamber singers, and I just graduated my church choir, Starfire Singers, which I will sorely miss. =(

Anyways. I'm some kind of soprano (I'm not really sure-- I have the range of an alto too) and I usually sing first in choir just because it's the most fun and a high B flat is my favorite note ever. I think the highest note I ever hit was the C 3 octaves above middle C, but I haven't been able to hit it in several months so I think my voice is maturing and getting lower. ='( (For the record, once I hit the A that's an octave and a third below middle C, but I think I was sick then. Normally I only have down to the D below middle C.) I guess this technically makes me a mezzo, LOL.

Anyways... soprano pride, w00t. =)
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*Marches in, waving a banner which reads "We sing HIGH!"*

Hi! I am Liz from North Queensland, Australia and I am a second year Chemistry/Physics major.

I am in the church choir and I do musical theatre!

Ooh, and at the end of the year I am going down to Sydney for a Royal School of Church Music Summer School! Yay!

Up the sopranos!
3 octaves above middle C? Did your cat get angry? Did windows start cracking? I'm a high tenor who can get down to the A at the bottom of the bass clef, so i can get pretty damned high...but 3 octaves above middle C? that's nuts.

Hahah, no, no windows cracked or anything... my best friend was there with me and he went "... DAMN!" Hehe.
Are you sure it was three octaves? Because I don't even know if that's humanly possible...if you can read music, was it the C on the second leger line above the staff, or is it the one six spaces above the staff?
Yeah, I know it sounds strange, and like (I think) I mentioned, it was only a couple times-- since then my voice has gotten lower and I'm only good to that A or so. But yeah, I mean the C an octave above the second ledger line one. Mariah Carey can go way higher, I'm jealous, LOL... and when I did it, it sounded unfocused and weird.