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First post

Hey guys, I'm new here, my name's Margie and I'm a second year at UC Davis... let's see... I'm a music composition major. Music is like, my LIFE, and I've been singing since before I could talk and in choir since I was five. I loooooooooove choir. Currently I'm in both the university chorus and the chamber singers, and I just graduated my church choir, Starfire Singers, which I will sorely miss. =(

Anyways. I'm some kind of soprano (I'm not really sure-- I have the range of an alto too) and I usually sing first in choir just because it's the most fun and a high B flat is my favorite note ever. I think the highest note I ever hit was the C 3 octaves above middle C, but I haven't been able to hit it in several months so I think my voice is maturing and getting lower. ='( (For the record, once I hit the A that's an octave and a third below middle C, but I think I was sick then. Normally I only have down to the D below middle C.) I guess this technically makes me a mezzo, LOL.

Anyways... soprano pride, w00t. =)
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