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Hi guys!

I have a problem! I am doing Bye Bye Birdie at school in the summer and I have to do harmony in a trio. I cannot harmonize! ::Looks away in shame:: I try really hard to get it, but I always drift to the melody! Any suggestions from the rest of you fantastic singers out there?

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practice practice practice? good luck :-)
Are you doing "One boy" by any chance?

I was in Bye Bye Birdie when I was 13, part of the Conrad Birdie fan club, and the "sad girl".

It was awesome!

I'll just have to repeat the already given advice! Practise makes perfect! I'm sorry I can't be of any more help!

Yes! It is "one boy" that is causing my trouble! I am the "sad girl" too! I am really excited! Did you have fun doing the show?

Thanks for the advice! =D
Yes! The show was awesome. I distinctly recall that the senior who played Condrad was totally hot, and none of us had to act like we were in love with him because we WERE in love with him. I tell you what though, by the last performance I was glad to be finished - my throat was getting tired of all that screaming!

I found out I have the oppurtunity to be in Bye Bye Birdie at the start of next year, which would be an awesome blast from the past. However I will be away for a bit over the holidays, and I don't know whether I will miss rehearsals :( But whether i am in it or just see it, it'll rock!
I totally understand the urge to sing the melody - I've been known to do it occasionally, and I've been singing alto for years, can't imagine how much harder it must be for someone who (I assume) usually sings soprano.

Anyways, here's my advice - hopefully you're a pianist, if not, then get a friend or family member who is to help you practice. So, first of all, nail your part into your head, sing it over and over again, that should be pretty obvious. Second of all, try playing the melody line and your part together on the piano, and singing along with your part. That might be a little difficult at first, since the human ear automatically drifts to the higher notes. But yeah, so practice that until you can do it pretty easily. Then, the hard part - try playing JUST the melody line and see if you can hold your own against it. This is the one that will take a lot more practice, but once you can do it perfectly with just the melody line being played on the piano, then you'll really be ready. Good luck, and have fun. :)